6-20, (014589), Augmented (Hex.)

6-20, (014589), Augmented (Hex.)

Set Class

The hexatonic (six-note) double augmented scale consists of alternating semitone and minor third intervals. This scale is a mode of limited transposition and can be thought of as two interlocking augmented chords. More 


(The other scale that contains two interlocking augmented chords is the whole-tone scale.)

This scale is related to the harmonic major and harmonic minor scales by short voice leadings. See Beyond Diatonic for more on the set class for this scale.

Interval-content vector <303630>
Distance (9/6)*

the minimum Euclidean distance from this set to any transposition of the perfectly even 6 note chord, in semitones

Ancohemitonic chromatic-cluser-free
Atritonic set contains no tritones
Hemitonic set contains one or more semitones
Mode of Limited Transposition this set has fewer than 12 unique transpositions
Self-Complement the complement of this set is the same set
Self-M-Related the M-relation (replace semitone intervals with perfect fourths) maps this set to itself
Symmetric the involution of this set is the same set

C/E/A Augmented
D/F/A Augmented
D/F/B Augmented
E/G/B Augmented